Ant War

Ant War 3.0

If you are an innate strategist, this is a cool game you will definitely love!
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If you are an innate strategist, this is a cool game you will definitely love! Ant War 2.1 is what you were looking for: full of game options to better map out your strategy, you will get hooked. As the anthill manager, you can choose from 5 different ant types. Each of them has a specific skill that you will have to exploit to achieve the game’s goal: transform your anthill into an empire and conquer the world! The game gets even catchier with its extra features. The weather won’t be always the same and you will have to work out your plan depending on it. Sunny days mean tons of food, but be careful because in rainy days you can suffer a misfortune! So it’s better to check the weather prediction and be on the alert. Enemies will pose an extra danger. The town is full of hostile characters that go from bugs to humans. Fortunately you will receive the advice of two friends who will help you in your job. So check out their useful comments and tips on how to play. As you go up the 18 levels in the game you will be rewarded with gems, food and other bonuses. And once you reach 1 billion ants you win the game. So keep on making as many ants as you can and transform your anthill into a marvelous empire!

Review summary


  • Full of game options to plan good strategies
  • Enough quantity of game levels
  • Good idea taken from a thing as simple as an anthill


  • Graphics are not so good
  • Sounds are not good either
  • Sometimes tips from friends turn to be unnecessary
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